DEAU Cognac VSOP is an exceptional blend of the first Crus of Cognac. This delightful Cognac has rested in French oak for many years before it has reached a perfect maturity.

DEAU Cognac VS
DEAU Cognac VS has been distilled following the traditional methods of Cognac craftsmanship. It has a fresh and silky bouquet of fruit aromas with a subtle vanilla finish.

DEAU Cognac XO
Smoothness, harmony, richness and generosity are the main words used to describe DEAU XO. It has a real pedigree, very long finish and a marvellous balance of aromas.

 DEAU Cognac Black Extra
DEAU Cognac Black Extra is a Cognac with passion and character. It is aromatic and soft as well as intense and seductive.

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