Red Square

Red Square Energising
Red Square Energising is a range of award-winning premium alcoholic energy drinks that uniquely energises and amplifies the spirit of life. These are all perfectly premixed with a shot and a half of Red Square Vodka / tequila / gin, ginseng and taurine.

Red Square Ice
Red Square Ice is a line of premixed alcoholic beverages in eight fun fruit flavours. The fun fruit flavours in which Red Square Ice are available at the moment are cranberry (Red Ice), blueberry (Blue Ice), loganberry (Purple Ice), kiwi-apple (Green Ice), grapefruit (Pink Ice), blackberry (Black Ice), iron brew (Gold Ice) and passion fruit (Lite Orange Ice).

Red Square Vodka
Red Square Vodka is a triple distilled premium carbon filtered vodka. It is presented in a bespoke embossed bottle and targets the bespoke vodka drinker who seeks both quality and value.

Red Square Premium Vodka
Red Square Premium Vodka is a seven times distilled 100% grain vodka. It is carbon filtered for ultimate purity and presented in a bespoke ruby red decorated bottle.

Red Square Spirit Aperitifs
Red Square Spirit Aperitifs are premium triple distilled aperitifs which are currently available in toffee, strawberry, lime, passion fruit and cucumber flavours in addition to an energy infused variant.


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