Caribbean Twist Rums

Caribbean Twist Black Rum
Caribbean Twist Black Rum is a superior rum with a smooth and distinctive flavour. It is the perfect addition to cola and great for creating your own rum cocktails.

Caribbean Twist Spiced Rum
This premium spiced rum has an exceptional flavour. Its distinctive blend of superior Caribbean rum, vanilla and spices makes it great to enjoy with a mixer, in a cocktail or even neat.

Caribbean Twist White Rum
Caribbean Twist White Rum is a superior white rum from the Caribbean. Its smooth mouth feel and mellow taste makes it perfect to enjoy with your favourite mixer or in rum cocktails.

Alcohol Volume:

White Rum 43%
Superior Spiced Rum 35%
Black Rum 43%


White Rum, Superior Spiced Rum, Black Rum


750ml glass bottle.
6 x 750ml bottles per case

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