Musgrave Brandy

Musgrave Brandy

Musgrave Copper Black Honey
Musgrave Copper Black Honey is a potstill brandy infused with a dark and rich winter honey found in the forests of Zambia. It is deep caramel in colour and exhibits a complex profile. The honey gives the brandy a deep and luxurious flavour with a hint of sweetness.

Musgrave Copper Vanilla
Musgrave Copper Vanilla is a three-year aged potstill brandy subtly infused with African vanilla.

Alcohol Volume:


Packaging: 750ml Glass Bottle
200ml Glass Bottle
50ml Glass Bottle

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Musgrave Gin

Musgrave Gin

The pioneering spirit of endeavour which is the cornerstone of the Musgrave brand is expressing through their renowned gins. Musgrave Pink Gin is South Africa’s original pink gin.

Musgrave Original 11 Gin

Musgrave Original is made up of a selection of 11 rare botanicals – each reflecting some aspect of the ancient African Spice Route. Cardamom, African ginger and grains of paradise complement a flavour profile that spans a continent and evokes memories of the perfumed aroma of spice markets.

Musgrave Pink Gin

Musgrave Pink is a rose gin made with 12 rare botanicals. Spicy, warm cardamom and juniper share the first taste to the palate and are supported by distinctive notes of African ginger and grains of paradise. Kefir lime leaves complement the subtle peppery notes. The spices marry perfectly to give a smooth and fragrant finish.


Musgrave INSPIRIT is the product of many hours of tinkering and experimentation in […]

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