Crabbies 12 Year Old Whiskey 750ml

Crabbie 12 Years Old Whisky

The Crabbie Whisky story begins in 1801 in Leith, Edinburgh where the Crabbie family ran a thriving wine and spirits business, importing and exporting all over the world. John Crabbie was a true whisky pioneer, involved in the creation of one of Scotland’s most iconic grain distilleries.

Crabbie 12 Year Old lightly peated island single malt whisky is intensively malty and fresh with a light note of green grass and a touch of juicy citrus. It has a rich full flavour with a fabulous bitter sweet balance, followed by a touch of sweet honey and notes of grilled orange and green tea.

Alcohol Volume:





750ml Glass Bottle
6 x 750ml bottles per case

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