Limoncello Rossi d’Asagio

Rossi d’Asagio

The origins of Rossi D’Asiago distillery date back to 1868. In Asiago, an enchanting tourist destination in the Venetian Alps, the young pharmacist Giovan Battista Rossi created elixirs and natural remedies for the vacationers. The success of his products was so extraordinary that his pharmacy soon became a real distillery, important enough to be named the “highest distillery in Europe.”

Limoncello Rossi d’Asagio

Limoncello Rossi d’Asiago is an authentic Italian limoncello bursting with a distinctive flavour of Sicilian lemon peels. It can be enjoyed chilled or with lemonade over ice for a real Italian experience or to bring delectable cocktails to life.

Alcohol Vol.



750ml Glass Bottle
6 x 750ml Case